One Way or Another

Commissioned to produce a piece of work for three UK light festivals and asked to give my interpretation of road signs. Looking through the entire collection of UK signs, they started to read like a nonsensical instructional text; this inspired the idea to write a very short poem split across five lampposts, using existing signs as a base and modifying them as little as possible. The backlit/reflective signs were manufactured by Ark Lighting who also supply councils across the North of England. Exhibited as part of the 2022 Blackpool, Lancaster and Wigan light festivals.

Don’t give up

On future generations

Work together, keep the faith

One way or another, hazards overhead can be overcome

You can’t stop hope

Surface Tension

For the 2019 edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, myself and Barbara Ryan wanted to bring the effects of climate change to the doorsteps of Amsterdam’s residents and visitors. We turned a stretch of canal into a ‘flooded street’, complete with semi submerged cars, lampposts and road signs. Tour boats passed through the installation as if floating through a flooded city.


Copywriting and creative for Valentines Day 2021, a day of celebration of all types of love.

Agency: Studio A, Art Director: Sam Mackrill, Producers: Lauren Kilby, Galini Zachou, CD: Paul Mann


A selection of perfectly strange strangers tell you which IKEA products can make your everyday life a little bit more sustainable (original concept by Bob Dylan).

Part of the ‘A Better World Starts at Home’ global campaign, promoting a sustainable life at home every day of the week.  

Agency: Anomaly, Creative Partner: Tom Bird, Creative Directors: Afshin Moeini, Christian Poppius, Director Renee Nuijens

Night Vision

Together with Barbara Ryan, we turned one of Amsterdam’s many bridges into a giant eye; boats passing through follow the same path as beam of light going into your eye, before it’s turned into an image in your brain. Exhibited as part of the 7th Edition of Amsterdam Light Festival (2018/19).